The following Sudoku formats are supported on this site. Click on the text link to go to the appropriate solver.

Classic Sudoku

The classic Sudoku grid consists of nine 3 by 3 regions.

Word Sudoku

Similar to Sudoku except played with letters instead of numbers

Shi Doku

A Shi Doku grid consists of four 2 by 2 regions. This simple solver is ideal as a starting point for children learning to solve Sudokus.

Roku Doku

A Roku Doku grid consists of six 3 by 2 regions. This solver is ideal for beginners.

8 by 8 Sudoku

The 8 by 8 solver consists of eight 4 by 2 regions.

Maxi Sudoku

A Maxi Sudoku consists of twelve 4 by 3 regions.

Sudoku 16 by 16 solver

A huge Sudoku consists of sixteen 4 by 4 regions.